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Public Sector Partnerships

Public Sector Finance is a major driver of environmental change—both good and bad. WWF builds partnerships with Public Sector Finance institutions at the national, regional and multilateral levels to ensure that they prioritize conservation in both policy and in practice.
Public finance has evolved significantly over the last decade or so. On the one hand the Millennium Development Goals and Aid Effectiveness have given more focus; on the other, the growth in emerging economies, the crisis in Western financial institutions, and the advent of new actors in development finance such as China, South Korea and South Africa have  brought new perspectives. This has changed the way development is carried outand financed.

Recognizing the rapidly-changing nature of, and the increasing challenges for the public sector, WWF focuses on building solid ties with strategically-chosen partners. These include national governments and regional bodies responsible for integrating environment in national and regional development priorities, as well as bilateral, regional and multilateral International Financial Institutions providing financing for these endeavours. WWF has developed a strong team of staff across the world who manage the partnerships with their respective institutions based on a common strategy and coordinated approach, and who strive to ensure effective delivery of the ambitious outcomes these partnerships make possible.
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