European Commission recognises the environment is at the forefront in fight against poverty

Posted on 27 February 2013  | 

(Brussels, 27th February) Today the European Commission launched ‘A Decent life for all: Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future’ a communication that will map out the EU’s proposed negotiating position on the follow up to Rio+20 and to the UN Millennium Development Goals, the eight targets agreed in 2000 to halve world poverty.

Commenting on the joint communication from the DG Development and Cooperation and DG Environment, Sally Nicholson, Manager of Development Policy & Finance at WWF European Policy Office said:

“WWF welcomes the EU’s intentions to take an integrated approach towards environment and development in the UN discussions. We hope that their vision will help galvanise strong action to shift development paths in the future. Unsustainable patterns of current economic development mean that globally we are using 50 per cent more resources that the planet can afford.”

“However we are disappointed that the EU’s position does not provide more detail on how it will address the impacts of its own demands for resources on sustainable development in other parts of the world. The EU’s policies and their external impacts must be examined closely in the coming years to make fair and sustainable development a reality and its resource use tackled in ways that go beyond resource efficiency.”

The Commission’s proposal will be discussed in the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in May and the Environment Council in June. The EU’s joint position will be taken next September to New York where the United Nations will carry out a further review of progress towards the MDGs and will start planning a global development framework post-2015.

Sally Nicholson
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WWF European Policy Office
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Alba Màlaga Homs
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WWF European Policy Office
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The European Commission put the environment at the forefront in their fight against poverty in the proposal 'A decent life for all'
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