Energy efficiency

Although largely neglected, the easiest and cheapest way to reduce energy consumption consists in improving efficiency. Energy efficiency can be improved in the residential, industrial, commercial and transport sectors, as well as in the power generation process.

With immediate measures it would be possible to reduce total energy consumption without restricting economic growth. Promoting the use of more efficient appliances and cars, better insulation, better heating and cooling systems can deliver important results both for economic savings and climate protection.

According to WWF, a 20% saving potential in the EU by 2020 should become mandatory.

WWF works to help developing and improving EU legislation on energy efficiency and energy conservation, as well as to ensure proper implementation of laws already in place.

As consumers have a big role to play, WWF and partner organisations have set up a web portal to help consumers find the most energy-efficient appliances and cars available on the market. Developed with the support of the European Commission's Intelligent Energy Programme, the website is independent from producers and commmercial distributors. 

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Philips PLE energy-saver lightbulb with large and small fittings (E27, E14)
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