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In September 2015, Heads of States will agree to a new global development agenda to take over from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This new framework will guide billions of dollars of aid and investment to 2030.

The extent to which environmental concerns are embedded in this framework will have profound consequences on conservation efforts and sustainable development around the world and on WWF’s mission.

The MDGs focused public and private attention on a core set of development objectives, helped stimulate Official Development Assistance and resulted in major progress in many areas, including poverty reduction, health, education and access to potable water. Unfortunately, the MDGs failed to advance environmental issues, with MDG7 targets on reducing biodiversity loss and reversing loss of environmental resources among the most off-track. The theme by theme approach of the MDGs ignored the important links between goals, including between the sustainable management of natural resources and human well-being and development.

As the largest environment NGO with the broadest reach, WWF is working to ensure that environmental considerations are embedded throughout the post-2015 development framework.

WWF considers the Post-2015 development agenda to be a unique opportunity to better value natural resources and healthy ecosystems as a foundation for poverty eradication, equitable and inclusive growth and sustainable development, and advocates for an integrated vision for sustainable development based on the interlinkages between the three dimensions – environmental, social and economic.



As part of our global, regional and national policy and advocacy work, WWF is actively working to influence the Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations and associated processes, including relevant national and regional dialogues as well as other influential multilateral fora.

WWF also works closely with like-minded civil society organisations and is a member of Beyond 2015, a global civil society campaign advocating for a strong and integrated successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals.

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  • To learn more about our work on the post-2015 development agenda, please e-mail Carlotta Bianchi at WWF International.
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