CITES media albums


 / ©: Martin Harvey / WWF
African elephant bull drinking at water hole, Africa.
© Martin Harvey / WWF


 / ©: WWF / Martin Harvey
White rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum).
© WWF / Martin Harvey

Horn and tusk trade

 / ©: WWF / Folke Wulf
The number of ivory seizures worldwide averages 92 cases a month, or three per day.
© WWF / Folke Wulf


 / ©: WWF / Edward Parker
Tiger and other skins confiscated at Heathrow Airport, UK. Thanks to WWF and TRAFFIC, trade in endangered species inside the UK is now an arrestable offence.
© WWF / Edward Parker


 / ©: WWF / Cat Holloway
Every year, driftnets kill thousands of sharks and dolphins off the Moroccan coast and in other areas of the Mediterranean.
© WWF / Cat Holloway
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