CITES CoP13: Bangkok, Thailand, October 2-14 2004

CITES CoP13 achieved real results for conservation, with the adoption of better trade controls that will help African elephants as well as key marine and rainforest species. 
Examples include:
  • A continent-wide African action plan to crack down on domestic ivory markets
  • Listing of humphead wrasse, the great white shark, and ramin on CITES Appendix II
  • Lisiting of the Irrawaddy dolphin on CITES Appendix I
  • The keeping of minke whales on Appendix I, after a massive rejection of Japan's proposals to downlist them to allow whale meat trade
  • A bold initiative by the 10 members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to work together to address the region's wildlife trade crisis
  • Positive action to improve conservation and control of trade in the saiga antelope, sturgeon, Asian big cats and great apes
Irrawaddy dolphin, Indonesia. 
	© WWF / Alain Compost
Irrawaddy dolphin, Indonesia.
© WWF / Alain Compost
CITES Parties voted to prohibit commercial trade of critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins, concluding they are so rare that any trade for aquariums and dolphinaria is a threat to the species.

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