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World Water Week 2012

A fisherman casts his net in the shallow lakes of the Varzea, Ituqui Island, near Santarem, Para, Brazil
© Edward Parker / WWF

2012: Water and food security

You know water is an essential resource. But do you ever stop to consider how much water you eat every day? Water irrigates our vegetables, hydrates our livestock and provides a home for thousands of freshwater species that nourish people around the globe.

This year’s annual World Water Week on Stockholm puts the spotlight on water and food security.

WWF is dedicated to helping conserve and manage water resources to meet the needs of people and nature. Healthy freshwater ecosystems provide services that people depend on – and support for agriculture and fisheries are among the most important.

WWF is participating in a variety of workshops and seminars during World Water Week, sharing our expertise and lessons from the field.

With case studies from Brazil, Canada, the Danube, the Mekong and the Yangtze, we will highlight threats to freshwater fisheries and what can be done to maintain healthy fish stocks.

"World Water Week is about sharing solutions," says Dr Lifeng Li, Director of WWF International's Freshwater Programme. "We know the challenges to freshwater conservation. But year after year in Stockholm, we see new ways to tackle these challenges -- new partnerships, new science and increased commitment to protect this vital, shared resource."


	© WWF
Flowing Rivers, Full Bellies; presented at World Water Week in Stockholm, 2012

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