Better shipping practices

WWF believes that fundamental changes are needed to the way that shipping is operated and regulated globally.
Petrol tanker waiting for its cargo, Fujeirah port, United Arab Emirates
© WWF / Michel GUNTHER

What's the problem?

Sub-standard ships and poor shipping practices are leading to massive marine pollution and damage. Find out more...

Stopping the invasion

The transfer of ship ballast water around the world and resulting release of invasive alien species into new habitats is a major threat to marine biodiversity.

WWF worked within the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for a number of years on the development of an internationally binding Convention on Ballast Water Management, and is now working to 
ensure the convention is ratified.

The convention aims to prevent, minimize, and ultimately eliminate the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens through the control and management of ship ballast water and sediments.
 / ©: Erling Svensen / WWF
Comb Jelly, Comb Jelly (Euplokamis dunlapae), Kvitsoy islands, Stavaner, Norway. Species of Jellies are just one of many species that typically get sucked into ballast water.
© Erling Svensen / WWF

Ballast water sampling report MEPC 65

A major argument made by States against becoming parties to the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) is no longer valid.

A lack of simple and affordable sampling methods for ballast water has been put forward as a main hurdle for states to ratify the BWMC. This study makes the case for entry into force of the BWMC  by showing that there are enough ballast water sampling methods that are relatively simple to engage, affordable, applicable on all vessel types and in all geographic region and are already used on board vessels.

Download WWFs submission on ballast water sampling  to IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee in May here.

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