International Seafood Summit

Seafood Summit
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The International Seafood Summit is an annual event bringing together global representatives from the seafood industry and conservation community for in-depth discussions, presentations and networking around the issue of sustainable seafood.
The goal of the summit is to foster dialogue and partnerships that lead to a seafood marketplace that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

WWF will be well represented at the 2012 summit with experts from across the network including WWF International, WWF-Canada, WWF-Hong Kong, Coral Triangle Initiative and Smart Fishing Initiative.

Together we will be discussing the critical issues that jeopardise the sustainability of our seafood. How do we fund the restoration of our fishing industry and oceans? Is there a role for sustainable shark fisheries? What is the fate of our threatened reef fish? And can we learn from the low footprint seafood successes seen in China?


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