Curbing illegal fishing

Examples of our work include:

  • Urging States to implement international agreements and close Flags of Non-Compliance, that currently see as many as 1,300 fishing vessels of significant size taking advantage of cheap vessel registration services in countries that do not adequately enforce their obligations to manage the vessels they flag.
  • Promoting the use of black lists for IUU vessels.
  • Promoting the need for increased cooperation and control measures by port states and flag states.
  • Contributing to the OECD High Seas Task Force, which published practical recommendations for preventing and eliminating IUU fishing on the high seas. We are now supporting an international high-level panel working to implement these recommendations.
  • Working with legitimate and responsible fishing companies.

 / ©: Emma Duncan / WWF
Members of The Underwater Research Society - Mediterranean Seal Research Group (SAD-AFAG) and local artisanal fishermen patrol for illegal fishing activities in Aydincik, Turkey. SAD-AFAG is a Turkish conservation partner of WWF.
© Emma Duncan / WWF

What's the problem?

Illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing occurs in nearly all fisheries. Often a professionally organized criminal activity, IUU fishing is a major contributor to overfishing of some fish populations, particularly on the High Seas.

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