Fairer Fisheries Partnership Agreements

We are working for fair Fisheries Partnership Agreements for fish resources in developing countries.
WWF's Global Marine Programme is promoting Fisheries Partnership Agreements that:

  • respect sustainable fishing levels
  • account for environmental costs
  • protect local fishers
  • include compliance with flag state laws
  • are based on best practice fisheries management
  • include cooperation on research and monitoring
  • ensure adequate monitoring and enforcement capacity
  • ensure fairer sharing of economic benefits between producer and extractor nations.

 / ©: WWF / Jo BENN
Artisanal pirogue with local fishermen passing Spanish trawler in their fishing grounds. Senegal.

What's the problem?

Many countries – like EU member states, the US, Korea, China, and Japan – sign deals with developing countries to access their fish resources.

If properly designed, these Fisheries Partnership Agreements can be sustainable and provide much-needed revenue for cash-strapped countries.

But more often than not, they result in overfishing and create substantial tension between governments, local fishers' organizations, and industrial groups.

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