For participating businesses, the Asia-Pacific Sustainable Seafood and Trade Network will assist with developing company commitments to responsible seafood, providing technical advice, linking supply chains, advocacy, and partnering with local stakeholders to develop and implement Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) or Fisheries Conservation Projects.
  1. Fisheries Improvement Project support
  2. MSC Assessment and Training
  3. Fishery Audits and Supply Chain
  4. Responsible Seafood Sourcing
  5. Best-Practice and Technology programs
  6. Program Development and Support

Fisheries Improvement Project support

Vietnam YFT and BET Tuna FIP
  • Client: WWF CTGI, WWF Vietnam and VinaTuna
  • Multi-stakeholder: VinaTuna, VASEP, MARD, DARD, Processors and exporters (7)
  • Funding:
  • Status:
FIP scoping studies
  • Philippines:Citramina, Phil Union Frozen Food Inc (PUFFI)
  • Malaysia :Sea Delight, Mabul Island

MSC Assessment and Training

Participation in MSC Developing World Working Group (DWWG)

Speed and Cost Review
  • Reduce pre-assessment costs
  • Build “regional” assessment capacity
Pre-assessment Training
  • Poseidon consultants, MSC DWWG
  • 5-day training of independent consultants

Fishery Audits and Supply Chain

Audits – Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement opportunities
  • WWF Philippines
  • WWF Malaysia
Supply chain and market trend studies
  • Solanderfishing
  • China Seafood Demand Scenario study
  • Humphead wrasse regional policy

Responsible Seafood Sourcing

Hotels and Restaurants
  • Bobby Chinn restaurants (Vietnam)
Responsible sourcing policy for Canneries
  • "Juvenile free tuna free product"
    • PHILBEST (Philippines)
    • Frabelle (PNG) assupplier to canneries

Best-Practice and Technology programs

  • Facilitated formation of Marine Fish Farmers Association of Malaysia
  • Grouper mariculture best-practice (pilots)
  • Regional CT Live Reef Fish Trade Forum
  • Trace-all tPartnershipsto implement low-cost CDS

Program Development and Support

Sustainable Financing
  • Asian Development Bank (mariculture)
  • Prince Charles International Sustainability Unit
Fisheries in Transition Guidelines
Rights-based management
  • TURFs and sustainable financing

 / ©: Jürgen Freund / WWF-Canon
Jacana tuna fish landing. Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. 24 April 2009
© Jürgen Freund / WWF-Canon
 / ©: WWF

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