Asia-Pacific Sustainable Seafood & Trade Network

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A regional seafood platform promoting responsible seafood production

There is a growing demand for sustainable seafood worldwide and the private sector has been recognized as having a significant role to play along the whole supply chain.

The Asia-Pacific Sustainable Seafood and Trade Network is a regional platform designed to:
  • promote improved stewardship of fisheries among the private and public sectors, and
  • to advance seafood sustainability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Responsible seafood production in the developing world faces the unique realities of needing to deliver food security to its own peoples while benefiting from the global seafood trade.

The market can play an important role in securing both futures.

The Asia-Pacific Sustainable Seafood and Trade Network will galvanize regional seafood “stakeholders” to embrace more responsible seafood production to meet market demand by:

  • Harnessing the power of Business-2-Business partnerships
  • Exploiting regional economies of scale opportunities among seafood businesses
  • Leveraging intra-regional and international trade together to address impacts on domestic production



Dr Geoffrey Muldoon
Strategy Leader, Private Sector Transformation
WWF Coral Triangle programme
email | Twitter: @gjmuldoon

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