Forest Conservation

WWF's forest conservation programme is geared toward halting deforestation around the world, from rainforests to temperate forests. Tough assignment? With your help, we can make it happen.

Forests for a Living Planet

The planet's lungs. Home to people and wildlife. Engines of green economies. Forests are essential to life on Earth.
Forests have been at the heart of WWF’s work for half a century, and we’re proud of our accomplishments to protect these amazing ecosystems.

We’ve fought for the creation of national parks and other protected areas, helped create the FSC -  the world’s most reliable forest certification scheme - and we’re working to tackle new threats, like the destruction of forests for bioenergy.

There's much to celebrate. But forests still face major threats.

We’re asking decision makers in government and business to help us take a hard look at some of the biggest challenges and stickiest issues.

  • How do we meet the world’s demand for timber, pulp and paper while protecting forests for wildlife?
  • Can carbon markets combat poverty and climate change at the same time?
  • As the world population grows, how much land will be needed for agriculture?

WWF combines cutting edge science, new perspectives from partners and our decades of on-the-ground experience to help answer these questions.

But we know no organization can save forests alone.

That’s why we convene discussions and debates to help trigger new thinking and innovative solutions. We also need you. The more you know about forests, the more you'll want to fight for their survival.

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