Wild Caught Fish

The following links serve as a companion to The 2050 Criteria, providing additional data, information, tools, and resources on the wild caught fish sector. For context and more complete guidance, download the full report.

Data and Information

Evaluation & Certification

  • A WWF-commissioned report Blueprint for Sustainable Tropical Shrimp Trawl Fisheries provides extensive analysis and performance indicators for fisheries that are not yet MSC-certified. The report offers a way forward to better shrimp fishing but does not yet define sustainable shrimp fishing – the latter is under preparation by the WWF Smart Fishing Initiative.

Guidelines for Financing

  • WWF's Investment Policies program develops sustainability standards and recommendations for responsible investments. WWF’s recommendations for reforming fishery subsidies leading to overcapacity and supporting unsustainable practices.

The 2050 Criteria report

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Wild Caught Seafood Key Performance Criteria

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