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Through Bonsucro, WWF is working with sugar retailers, investors, traders, producers and NGOs to establish principles and criteria for producing sustainable sugarcane, and encouraging those in the industry to follow them.
Bonsucro is committed to help sugarcane growers, processors and food companies meet regulatory pressures, and go beyond in terms of environmental responsibility. For consumers, a product in the supermarket that bears the Bonsucro label is a guarantee of a better-produced good.

What this means in practice is that by joining Bonsucro and adopting less damaging ways of producing sugar, the industry will reduce its impact on the environment, and bring social and economic benefits to sugar farmers.

How would you recognize a company that is implementing Bonsucro principles?

  • Protecting and restoring soil used to grow sugarcane, to keep it productive
  • Effective pest control
  • No longer burning cane fields before harvest (as it kills wildlife)
  • Practices to stop water pollution
  • Practices to deal with waste and effluent effectively.

WWF Targets

2015: 10% of global sugarcane production will be Bonsucro certified


2.6% of global sugarcane production is Bonsucro certified (August 2013).
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WWF is committed to transforming the sugar industry by calling on buyers of sugar to commit to Bonsucro-certified sugar.

We work with all stakeholders to address the complexities around sugar production from all possible angles. This includes governments (land use planning and legal and regulatory approaches to create incentives for improved sugar production) and businesses (to grow and buy better produced sugar and become Bonsucro certified).

► Find out how Bonsucro is making a positive difference for sugarcane farmers—and how the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem benefits in the process

Be part of the solution

Sugar producers, traders and buyers, along with non-profits involved in the sugar industry, can join Bonsucro to drive this industry towards more responsible practices. ► Visit the Bonsucro website 

When shopping, look for products with the Bonsucro label—an assurance that the sugar in this product was produced without causing environmental harm.

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