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From Footprint to Mindprint

Business impact is more than just material. Its cognitive impact on dominant cultural values is extremely powerful.


There is a growing awareness that sophisticated businesses must look beyond footprint if they are to fully understand their role in a thriving and sustainable society. From Footprint to Mindprint is a recent research conducted by WWF UK on the impact of business on cultural values and how this shapes citizens’ responses to social and environmental challenges.

Externally, companies create mindprint through their brand identity and advertising campaigns. Products and services may also convey embedded cultural values. Internally, businesses develop their own workforce culture, which influences not just company success but the values that employees take home to their communities each day. Crucially, where business’ mindprint serves, over time, to strengthen extrinsic values (materialistic values and status anxiety), these factors will also contribute to eroding the importance that citizens attach to tackling social and environmental problems.

Join Tom Crompton and Jules Peck and learn about actionable examples companies which have taken seriously their impact on mindprint.


Tom Crompton, Change Strategist, WWF UK

Tom is WWF-UK’s Change Strategist. His work examines the basis for today’s dominant approaches to environmental communications and campaigns, and asks why these are failing to deliver the scale of change that is needed. He has worked and consulted for many governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations on environmental issues.

Tom’s recent report, Common Cause: The Case for Working with Our Cultural Values, was published by a consortium of NGOs in September 2010. Its recommendations are being incorporated into the strategies of many United Kingdom–based NGOs. His other recent publications include: Weathercocks and Signposts: The Environment Movement at a Crossroads (2008); Simple and Painless? The Limitations of Spillover in Environmental Campaigning (co-authored with John Thøgersen, 2009); and Meeting Environmental Challenges: The Role of Human Identity (co-authored with Tim Kasser, 2009).

Jules Peck, Founding Partner, Flourishing Enterprise

Jules Peck is a Founding Partner at Flourishing Enterprise and co-author of the online (free) wiki book and blog www.citizenrenaissance.com, which charts the shift from ‘consumer’ to ‘citizen’ values in society.

Jules’ special interest is the business implications of wellbeing economics. Jules has worked in sustainability and wellbeing for 23 years, one third in politics at the EC, in London and in Washington, one third in business and consulting and one third in NGOs like WWF – where he was Global Policy Adviser for five years.

Jules has extensive experience working at the interface between companies, the third sector and politics and works at the highest CEO and government Minister levels. Jules has worked with and advised many of the worlds largest companies across all sectors including; Shell, Anglo American, HSBC, Unilever, EON, SSE, B&Q Kingfisher, Whipcar, Rio Tinto, Old Mutual, Carillion, Ford, Starbucks and many others. Jules is also involved in a number of social enterprises and civil society organisations including Transition Towns, Bath and West Community Energy and The People’s Supermarket.


13 November 2012, 12.30 to 13.30 CET

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