Financial innovations and systemic risks

Since the recent financial crisis, a typical reaction to any mention of financial innovation has been: “Did financial innovation not cause this crisis?” or “Does the world really need further financial innovation?”


Marc Chesney, Professor of Finance at the University of Zurich and external expert with the World Bank, will help you understand:

  • How financial innovation can be improved to better serve society’s needs and reduce the risk of adverse consequences
  • What kind of enabling framework could allow positive financial innovation to flourish

While financial innovation is generally perceived as a positive force for the development of financial systems, there is no doubt that some innovations in financial services mutated from their original purpose and contributed to the crisis.

The main reason is that many complex financial instruments associated with innovation such as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and credit default swaps (CDSs) were extensively used as vehicles in the credit expansion that led to the crisis.


Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney , Vice Director of the Institute of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich

Prof. Marc Chesney is Professor of Finance at the University of Zurich. Previously in Paris, he was Professor and Associate Dean at HEC, President of the CEBC (Centre d'Etudes sur le Blanchiment et la Corruption) and an external expert with the World Bank. He has published articles and books in the areas of quantitative Finance and also of financial crime mechanisms.

In addition, Marc focuses on the subject of Ethics and Finance. At the University of Zurich, he is member of the Board of the Graduate Programme for interdisciplinary Research in Ethics and co-organizer of the Ethical Finance Research Series. He is also member of the advisory Board of Finance & Common Good/Bien Commun. Marc Chesney holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Geneva and obtained his Habilitation from the Sorbonne University.



11 December 2012, from 12.30 to 13.30 CET

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