Continuous Learning

Risks within global supply chains

By helping companies understand environmental risks, WWF ensures they focus their efforts where they can make the biggest conservation impact.More about our work on supply risk

Water risk

From the United Nations to rural communities to corporate boardrooms, water issues are on the agenda as never before. WWF helps governments and businesses work together to better manage this essential resource. More about our work on water risk and stewardship

Climate and energy

Climate change is no longer a debate, it's a business factor. WWF partners with global companies that take climate change seriously and are prepared to reduce carbon emissions on a scale never seen before. Find out more about our work on climate & business

Sustainable Finance

By attaching sustainability criteria to their lending and investment conditions, financial institutions are helping to raise standards in critical markets. Find out more about our work on sustainable finance


Green Game-Changers are innovations that have the potential to transform the way businesses, markets and even whole societies operate. Check out our reports and case studies.

Circular economy

An industrial economy that is, by design or intention, restorative and in which materials flow and consumption is partly replaced by usage. A very compelling vision for a truly sustainable economy to be explored at Ellen Macarthur Foundation's website

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