Business transformation for a living planet

There has never been a more exciting – or more important – time to be a leader in business. It is a time when we need to reinvent everything – the way we live, we work, we do business – to meet the enormous challenge of a growing population with growing demands on one finite planet, which balance is threatened by our unsustainable development.

To create this great change we need great leaders – people who can carve out new ways of doing business that are better for all of us. We need One Planet Leaders.

The aim of WWF business education programs is to inspire and equip leaders to drive change and build businesses that not only reduce the footprint but create value for people and the planet. Our programs draw on expertise from WWF as well as some of the world’s leading educational institutions.


Using our network of WWF experts, thought leaders, progressive businesses and educational partners, we offer customized in-company programs on innovation and leadership. Tailored to the specific challenges of the business, these programs help accelerate change and sustainable value creation. More info.

If you are looking for help to engage staff on sustainability, check out Living Planet @ Work and the Green Office initiative.


 / ©:  WWF International
© WWF International

Real eye-opener, highly animated discussion and connection to business.

Jeff Turner, VP strategy, DSM Dyneema

OPL gave me the vision that sustainability is possible, the tools to seize the challenge, and the motivation to make it happen now.

2011 Executive course participant

One Planet Leaders / ©: Elma / OPL
© Elma / OPL

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