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Yingli Green Energy’s Climate Savers Commitments
By end 2015, Yingli Green Energy will:
  • reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity per megawatt (MW) of PV module production by 13% from 2010 levels (Scope 1 and 2: direct emissions and indirect emissions from the consumption of electricity and heat);
  • reduce GHG emissions from purchased goods and services per MW of PV module production by 7% from 2010 levels (Scope 3 emissions);
  • reduce GHG emissions intensity from upstream transportation by 10% from 2010 levels (Scope 3 emissions);
  • increase its share of renewable energy consumption to at least 4% (and strive to reach 8%).
Increase own consumption of renewable energy
Yingli Green Energy is both a pioneer of renewable energy utilization and a practitioner of solar energy application. With practical activities, it has continuously increased its use of renewable energy. Currently, Yingli Green Energy operates more than 20 MW of solar systems in its manufacturing campuses to power the production of PV modules. By end 2015, it is expected that Yingli Green Energy will utilize at least 4% of renewable energy power in its total electricity consumption. Yingli Green Energy is the first company in China to pledge a renewable electricity target.

Provide clean solar electricity to the world
By end 2012, Yingli Green Energy has provided nearly 6,000 MW of high-quality PV modules to customers worldwide, powering approximately 800,000 households with green electricity every year. Compared with conventional thermal power generation, these modules can reduce approximately 200 million tons of GHG emissions during the 25-year life cycle.

Work with business partners toward sustainability

Yingli Green Energy realizes that the impact of its operational activities and products is not limited to itself; emissions reduction by its upstream and downstream partners is equally important. A significant portion of Yingli Green Energy’s emissions are to be found in these upstream and downstream activities (Scope 3). Therefore, Yingli Green Energy will launch “Green Supplier Action”, requiring all its tier 1 suppliers to adopt ambitious energy efficiency and GHG reduction commitments. Meanwhile, levels of energy consumption and emissions will become an important criterion for Yingli Green Energy when selecting qualified suppliers. As one of the initiatives to reduce supply chain emissions, Yingli Green Energy will join hands with its suppliers to promote FSC packaging material, aiming at reducing GHG emissions from packaging by 20% by end 2015 from 2010 levels.
In order to reduce the environmental impact of its end-of-life products, Yingli Green Energy became the first Chinese PV company to join the European PV CYCLE Association in 2009, committed to achieve100% recycling of retired modules.

Leading PV industry’s transition to low-carbon production

As a world’s leading PV module manufacturer, Yingli Green Energy will lead the PV industry in low-carbon transformation, providing greener renewable energy to the globe. Yingli Green Energy will launch, with the support of WWF, a Global Green Solar PV Manufacturing Standard (Standard). The Standard aims at promoting energy consumption reduction in the PV industry, increasing utilization percentage of renewable energy and reducing GHG emissions. The objective is that by end 2015 the Standard is fully established and bend 2020, 50% of global solar PV producers will have adopted this Standard.

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