The Collins Companies

The Collins Companies is a large privately-owned United States timber company.

The Collins Companies committed to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 15% below 1999 levels by 2009 as well as to use environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials in all new company buildings.
The Collins Commitment is the following: “Mahatma Gandhi said it best, ‘If you want change, you must be the change.’  No excuses or apologies, no blaming governments or bureaucracies.  Change is manifested by one person at a time, one choice at a time.  It happens because we are willing to embrace a vision that is larger than our own self-interests.”
Collins has already achieved a 10.2 percent reduction, and expects to reach its target well ahead of schedule. The company remains a leader in cogeneration of steam and electricity from forest thinnings, and is recognized for its green building materials.
Collins anticipates saving US$5 million by increasing its energy efficiency. Numerous projects and changes have contributed to its carbon dioxide reductions, including the purchase of resins and paints in a more concentrated formula, which reduces the number of truck trips needed to transport the goods.
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