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How Sony has promised to fight climate change
Sony’s WWF Climate Savers commitment is to:
  • Achieve a 30% reduction in the absolute amount of greenhouse gas emissions from all Sony Group sites by fiscal year 2015, compared to fiscal year 2000 levels.
  • A 30% reduction in power consumption per product by fiscal year 2015 compared to fiscal year 2008 levels.
Together with WWF, the company will also engage in a wide-ranging program of communication addressing issues of global warming.

The Sony achievement

Sony continues to make progress towards the company’s Climate Savers targets. In fiscal year 2008, Sony achieved a reduction of 17% in total greenhouse gas emissions compared to fiscal year 2000 levels. In fiscal year 2009, Sony further lowered emissions to approximately 1,620,000 tons – a 27% reduction compared to fiscal year 2000.

Reducing power consumption through innovation

Sony continues to reduce the operating power consumption of its electronics. Sony is particularly conscious of the need to lower the power needs of televisions, which account for the bulk of operating power consumption by its products.

Innovative technologies have allowed Sony to develop high-quality products while reducing power consumption. Televisions in the BRAVIA™ V5 series using Sony’s motion sensor consume 50% less power when off compared to preceding BRAVIA™ televisions. The BRAVIA™ EX700 series, launched in January 2010, further reduces this to 80%, with operating power consumption reduced by around 15% compared with the 2009 BRAVIA™ V5 series. This is achieved through features such as a LED backlight and the “Presence Sensor” motion sensor, which automatically turns off the picture when no one is present.

The “Intelligent Presence Sensor” in the BRAVIA™ LX900 series, also launched January 2010, further reduces power consumption using camera sensors equipped with motion and face detection technologies with an improved 6 meter range, making it possible for the television to sense not only if there is someone in the room, but whether that person is actually watching television.

Promoting renewable energy sources

Promotion of renewable energy sources plays a key role in Sony’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Together with a Japanese electricity company, Sony developed the Green Power Certification trading scheme to help promote the use of renewable energy in Japan. In October 2007, Sony signed Japan’s largest Green Power Certification contract. Furthermore, since April 2008 all sites throughout Europe falling under Sony’s Global Environmental Management System (GEMS)1 are powered by 100% renewable energy. This is achieved through a combination of renewable electricity purchased from local suppliers, on-site solar panels and, for sites that do not have the possibility of purchasing renewable energy directly, the redemption of renewable energy certificates.

In July 2009 the company signed a contract to source 50% of the electricity of Sony Tokyo headquarters with certified renewable energy, maintaining leading position in use of the Green Power Certification System in Japan.

Further to these Climate Savers-related initiatives, in 2010 Sony announced a long-term goal of achieving a zero environmental footprint throughout the life-cycle of Sony products and business activities - the “Road to Zero” global environmental plan.

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Collaboration and innovation are two concepts Sony has championed throughout its history. Those same concepts are at the heart of the Climate Savers programme.

Sir Howard Stringer, CEO

The “Intelligent Presence Sensor” in the BRAVIA™ LX900 series is able to detect not only if there ... / ©: Sony Corporation
The “Intelligent Presence Sensor” in the BRAVIA™ LX900 series is able to detect not only if there is someone in the room, but whether that person is actually watching television.
© Sony Corporation
The “Intelligent Presence Sensor” in the BRAVIA LX900 Series is is able to turn off the television if no one is watching.
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WWF and Sony have teamed up to create Open Planet Ideas, a community that had the mission to come up with ideas to tackle critical environmental problems.

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