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Resolute Forest Products Joins WWF’s Climate Savers Program

WWF is proud to announce a new addition to the Climate Savers program:  pulp and paper company Resolute Forest Products. 

Climate Saver commitments are, by design, transformative and precedent-setting.  As a new Climate Saver company, Resolute has agreed to ambitious footprint reduction goals including:
  • Reduce absolute GHG emissions by 65 per cent below 2000 levels by 2015
  • Develop and offer products with lower GHG footprints to help Resolute’s customers reduce their own GHG emissions
  • Work with key suppliers to evaluate and address their own GHG emissions and complete work with its ten most significant suppliers by 2015
Beyond Carbon
Recognizing that sustainability leadership extends beyond carbon, Resolute strengthened its Climate Savers agreement with significant commitments to responsible forest management, including a plan to increase Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest certification of managed forests from 18% in 2010 to 80% by 2015.

Resolute Forest Products is a global leader in the forest products industry with a diverse range of products, including newsprint, commercial printing papers, market pulp and wood products.

Driven by an internal commitment to sustainability, Resolute initiated the process to achieve Climate Savers membership in 2009. Through close collaboration, WWF was able to push Resolute toward ambitious commitments across a breadth of leadership pillars.

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© Resolute Forest Products

Resolute wanted to make a bold statement to our employees, our business partners and the market that we take our responsibility for preventing climate change seriously.

Richard Garneau, Resolute President and Chief Executive Officer

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