ICT driving greenhouse gas abatement across society

KPN is a leading international provider of telecommunications and other ICT services.
How KPN has promised to fight climate change
KPN’s Climate Savers commitments include:
  • Net zero CO2 emissions by 2020
  • 100% green power
  • 20% reduction in energy use in telecommunications network in 2020 compared to 2010
  • Promote ‘The New Way of Working’

How KPN plans to do this

KPN is a relatively large electricity consumer, using about 1% of all power generated in the Netherlands.  As part of its Climate Savers agreement with WWF KPN committed to switching to 100% ‘dark’ green power, i.e. electricity generated from sustainable energy sources in the Netherlands, e.g. windpower. KPN also committed to implement technical innovations leading to a 20% reduction in energy consumption by its fixed and mobile infrastructure by 2020 compared to 2010. This means an annual reduction in electicity usage of 130 GWh, which is equivalent to the annual electricity use of the city of Delft, which has 97,000 households.

ICT enabling an energy efficient society
Globally the ICT sector is responsible for 2% of annual CO2 emissions, which is about equal to the emissions of the aviation sector. With its Climate Savers commitments KPN aims to inspire its own sector as well as other industries to reduce their energy consumption. KPN will request its suppliers to also switch to renewable energy. KPN will encourage its customers to reduce their energy consumption by using innovative ICT solutions.

‘The New Way of Working’ and energy savings

ICT solutions can drive substantial reduction in energy consumption across society. KPN will develop more initiatives to mainstream ‘the new way of working’. By this KPN means: working whenever and wherever you find suitable. Examples include conference calls, video conferencing and working from home. This may help improve the balance between work and private life and reduce emissions from commuting.  

In the coming years KPN will make substantial investments in reseach of new methods and products to reduce commuting by enabling ‘the new way of working’ across the Netherlands. WWF and KPN will jointly quantify the greenhouse gas savings resulting from ‘the new way of working’ to demonstrate the energy savings potential of this approach for different types of organisations.

More on KPN's climate and CSR strategy can be found here.
 / ©: KPN

ICT is a key element of the energy efficient society of the future. WWF and KPN are working together to help shape this future. We started within our own operations, because we are convinced that corporate social responsibility will bring lasting business benefits. Given the scale at which we operate, we are able to make a real difference.

Baptiest Coopmans Board Member KPN

 / ©: KPN
100% green power - From 2011 KPN is using green power sourced from regional renewable energy facilities for its own electricity consumption in The Nederlands and Belgium.

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