Catalyst is a leading producer of mechanical printing papers used in directories, catalogues, magazines and daily newspapers throughout the US and worldwide.

Catalyst Paper set one of the most ambitious emissions reduction goals of any large corporation worldwide - a 70% reduction in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to 1990 levels.  This is one of the most significant percentage reductions achieved by a corporation, and is equal to eliminating more than 1 million tones of greenhouse gasses annually.

 In their 2005 annual report Catalyst makes its environmental ambitions clear. “For a company focused on efficiency, combating climate change is natural – by making smart choices about fuel we reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved air quality and reduced operating costs.

Catalyst achieved its target ahead of schedule in both 2005 and 2006. Their

strategy to minimize GHG relies on wastes generated elsewhere within the industry (primarily sawmill leftovers such as bark and wood chips) to generate heat and electricity. In 2007, these and other renewable sources accounted for 87% of Catalyst’s total energy needs.

Catalyst encouraged employees to identify ideas to save energy.  One mill calculated that fixing an air leak in a quarter-inch pipe would save $6,000 a year in wasted energy while a one-inch air hose left running costs the mill $54,000 a year.  Catalyst realizes that it doesn’t take long for small steps to add up to a big benefit for the environment.

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