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WWF is one of the world's most trusted conservation brands. Membership in the WWF Climate Savers programme demonstrates member companies' commitment to significant and absolute CO2 reductions. In the current media landscape, inundated by greenwashing, Climate Savers companies are respected leaders towards the low-carbon economy of the future.

Additional positive exposure for your brand is also provided through various programme publications and on-line platforms.


Member companies tap into strategic expertise on corporate greenhouse gas reduction strategies and carbon accounting both from WWF and from other Climate Savers member companies. Insights to improve your business performance abound. With its global network of specialists on climate science, climate policy and energy issues, WWF can help you develop business models in line with the future low-carbon economy placing your company ahead of competition.

From climate science, policy developments and supply chain emissions through to logistical strategies, credible green power and offsetting options, Climate Savers members improve their carbon efficiency while cutting energy costs and are often inspired to develop innovative new products and services.


Climate change will cause significant shifts in the markets and sectors where your company operates. Part of a Climate Savers strategy is about helping your company be better prepared to deal with these changes. Reducing your energy consumption, for example, can not only reduce your direct and indirect CO2 emissions, it also makes your company less depended on dwindling energy resources and less susceptible to fluctuating energy prices.

Your Climate Savers targets also enhance your 'license to operate' by positioning your company as a desirable long-term partner in the markets where you operate.


WWF organises Climate Savers events, both live and on-line, which allow your company to connect with other global industry leaders and key policymakers. Various forums exist within the Climate Savers programme for sharing best practices and cooperating within and across industries.


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Climate Savers

We've shown over the last 10 years that we can reduce emissions and do it profitably.

Dennis Canavan, Executive Director, Worldwide Energy Management, Johnson & Johnson

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