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Cities are centers of dynamic change. They face huge challenges, but also offer great opportunities and solutions.


Cities are hotspots for the development and implementation of transformative solutions for a One Planet Future. 

And we’re all a part of the solution!

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Cities are centers of dynamic change. They face huge challenges, but also offer great opportunities and solutions.

Cities are centers of the fastest and largest transformations in population, consumption patterns, resource use, and waste management.

The transformation of environmental trends presents major challenges but also great opportunities for cities to enhance sustainability through their properties of scale, planned spatial structure, connected infrastructure, and organizational and social dynamics.

It’s clear that good stewardship rewards itself, and that well-governed, well-designed cities are ultimately more sustainable through win-win-win synergies.

Cities are important actors in the transition toward a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Local governments are showing leadership in the development and dissemination of low-carbon solutions through progressive policies and actions. But to fully unleash their potential, cities require supportive environments that enable them to more easily achieve their goals.

Cities have the potential to directly improve the quality of life of their citizens while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. They can exercise massive leverage by offering smarter alternatives for energy, transportation, and building standards. All of which affect huge numbers of people. 

© Diggin / WWF
© Diggin / WWF

Sustainable mobility is key to the transition toward a One Planet Future.

Mobility and accessibility are key to delivering solutions for a climate-resilient future, built on 100 percent renewable energy. They provide the foundation for the creation of attractive, sustainable cities, based on health, equality and improved life quality.

In cities, everything is closely connected so problems tend to multiply, but so too can solutions. Fortunately cities around the world are moving toward exploiting positive synergies, rather than struggling with negative ones.

Cities around the globe can share leadership for global sustainability.

The majority of future urban growth will take place in medium-sized, fast-growing cities. Sharing best practices among the vast number of these fast-growing cities is vital. 

By sharing experiences that acknowledge similarities and differences, cities around the world can accelerate their own sustainability initiatives while serving as powerful examples that others can learn from.

Strong partnerships offer local governments the opportunity to amplify their own capacity, and to share leadership for global sustainability.

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