A vision of an ideal plantation

New Generation Plantations (NGP) works toward a new generation of plantations that are in harmony with people and nature.
 These ideal plantations would benefit the environment by:
  •  Maintaining water availability and soil nutrients
  • Absorbing and storing carbon
  • Including corridors for wild animals to pass
  • Protecting critical areas for plants and animals
  • Enhancing degraded areas like overgrazed pasture.

Ideal plantation would also bring direct benefits to the people living nearby.

NGP wants to see plantations that:

  • Are designed and managed in cooperation with local people and all those affected, treating them as equal partners
  • Respect and strengthen people’s rights to land and resources
  • Bring income and jobs, for example as managers, harvesters and sub-contractors
  • Support local needs, aspirations and well-being
  • Contribute to communities’ economic and social development.

Participants’ role

NGP participants are committed to working toward this shared vision of a plantation with minimum negative impacts on nature.

The participants represent forest companies and governments worldwide. They seek to influence other players in the plantation forestry sector by sharing their knowledge of better plantation practices.

Participants are also improving their own plantation practices by sharing each other’s good examples and applying principles of credible forest certification.
NGP’s vision is evolving with new knowledge and better practices. However, the platform is not a standard that guarantees certain requirements have been met and WWF does not monitor participants’ performance.

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