WWF REDD+ Experts

WWF is actively engaged in the field of REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) both at the local and global policy levels. 

Key members of WWF's Forest and Climate Programme team are available for comment and consultation. To reach any team member, please send us an Email with details of your request.

Our expert team includes the following people list below, in addition WWF's global network includes the full list of experts listed by country to the right:
 / ©: Michel Roggo / WWF
Aerial view of flooded forest during rainy season with floating plants, Rio Negro Forest Reserve, Amazonas, Brazil.
© Michel Roggo / WWF

Peter Graham, Leader

 / ©: Courtesy IISD/Earth Negotiations
Courtesy IISD/Earth Negotiations
© Courtesy IISD/Earth Negotiations

Peter leads WWF's international Forest and Climate Programme. Peter is an accomplished expert and advocate for innovative approaches to REDD+ and forest and climate initiatives. Prior to joining WWF, he served as a co-chair of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations and lead negotiator and policy advisor on REDD+ for the Canadian government.

WWF Central Africa Regional REDD+ Team

Flory Botamba (DRC)
Bruno Perodeau (DRC)
Jolly Sasa-Kiuka (DRC, Communications)

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WWF-Peru REDD+ Team

Maria Eugenia Arroyo
Alonso Cordova
Alejandra Watanabe (Communications)

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Josefina Brana Varela, Policy Director

 / ©: Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell/WWF
Josefina Brana-Varela, WWF Policy Director, Forest and Climate Programme.
© Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell/WWF
Josefina leads WWF's efforts at the global level to influence REDD+ policy and finance development, as well as to provide direct technical assistance to WWF offices in key tropical forest landscapes working to design and implement REDD+ at scale. As a former member of Mexico's delegation to UNFCCC, she is well-known at climate negotiations.

WWF-Indonesia REDD+ team

Budi Wardhana
Zulfira Warta

WWF-Guyana REDD+ Team

Paul Chatterton, Director of REDD+ Landscapes

 / ©: Paul Chatterton
Paul Chatterton.
© Paul Chatterton
Paul has designed, initiated and overseen WWF’s major activities on land-use based carbon mitigation and reducing emissions from deforestation. Applying his more than 25 years of experience in the fields of conservation and sustainable development, he is currently developing large-scale carbon emission reduction programmes linked to national REDD+ frameworks in the largest tropical forest countries of the world. When he is not in the field, Paul is based in Vienna, Austria.

WWF-Colombia REDD+ Team

Susana Velez-Haller
Silvia Vejarano Rivadeneira
Javier Castiblanco
Ferney Díaz Castañeda (Communications)

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WWF-Nepal REDD+ team

Breen Byrnes, Manager for Communications

 / ©: Breen Byrnes
Breen Byrnes
© Breen Byrnes
Breen designs and implements international communications campaigns in support of WWF's efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. 

WWF-Japan REDD+ Team


WWF-Paraguay REDD+ team

Sumaia Cruzans
Stefan Knapps

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Minnie Degawan, Senior Advisor for Social Safeguards

 / ©: Minnie Degawan
Minnie Degawan
© Minnie Degawan
Minnie works directly with indigenous peoples and local communities to ensure that they participate in REDD+ dialogue and decisions both at the national and global levels. Minnie has more than 20 years of experience in lobbying and negotiation work related to indigenous rights and brings that expertise to bear in her current role ensuring that  that all groups have a place at the table when it comes to decisions about REDD+ and safeguards. She is based in the Philippines. 


Lloyd Gamble
Jill Schwartz (Communications)

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Andre Dias (LAI)
Denise De Oliveira (LAI, Communications)
Ricardo Mello (Brazil) 
Fernanda Melonio (Brazil, Communications)

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Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui, MRV Coordinator for Forest Carbon

 / ©: Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell / WWF
Dr. Naikoa Aguilar-Amuchastegui in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
© Jennifer Ferguson-Mitchell / WWF
Naikoa leads work on measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of REDD+ activities. He focuses on bridging the gap between relevant science and its practical application in the design, implementation and use of MRV systems. Naikoa also works on building MRV capacity and know-how in the field and with REDD+ partners and helps teams share the MRV know-how they’ve acquired throughout the WWF Network and with external stakeholders. Naikoa is from Colombia and holds a PhD in GIS and Remote Sensing. 

Lloyd Gamble, REDD+ Multilateral Lead

 / ©: WWF
Lloyd Gamble, WWF
Lloyd heads up WWF’s multilateral work on forest and climate issues. On the policy side, this involves civil society representation in REDD+ negotiations, e.g., at the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, where WWF advocates transparency, robust carbon accounting and climate integrity, integrated program planning and strong social and environmental safeguards. On the “place-based” side, he works with WWF country programs and their counterparts in government to bring their practical experience to international dialogues and to help them navigate the requirements and opportunities for REDD+ finance under several multilateral funds. 

Hermine Kleymann, REDD+ Policy Officer

 / ©: WWF
Hermine Kleymann, WWF
Hermine focuses on international REDD+ policy and implementation with a regional emphasis on the Congo Basin.  She has a bar exam in law as well as a Master of Laws and is based at the WWF-Germany office in Berlin. 

Kristina Van Dexter, REDD+ Programme Manager

 / ©: Courtesy Kristina Van Dexter
Courtesy Kristina Van Dexter
© Courtesy Kristina Van Dexter
Kristina supports REDD+ implementing countries to develop nested REDD+ approaches that address drivers and deliver forest ecosystem services at multiple scales. She provides technical guidance on gender, tenure, biodiversity and social safeguards monitoring systems, and benefit sharing mechanisms.

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