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WWF's international Forest and Climate Programme considers knowledge sharing and learning to be key components of realizing a successful REDD+ mechanism that benefits people and nature. As part of this, we have developed new learning tools that can assist REDD+ practitioners from around the globe to explore and share their own REDD+ experiences and those of others. We hope you find these useful as you develop and implement impactful REDD+ projects and activities.

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Participants of a REDD+ learning workshop in Colombia facilitated by WWF's Forest and Climate Initiative and Living Amazon Initiative.

REDD+ Community

The REDD+ Community is an online platform for REDD+ practitioners from around the world. It has been established to support the sharing of knowledge and learning of experiences among community members. Through this process, practitioners can build their capacity to deliver successful REDD+ initiatives around the globe that benefit people and nature.
Originally conceived by the Learning and Knowledge Sharing programme of WWF's international Forest and Climate Programme, this community network is designed to be free and open, and to reflect the varying views and perspectives of its many members -- REDD+ practitioners representing governments, non-profits, community organizations, multi-national organizations, development organizations, businesses, etc.

Visit REDD+ Community and join this growing community of leading REDD+ practitioners.
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REDD+ practitioners from around the globe, including WWF's REDD+ team in DRC (above), can now share their experiences and access new information on
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Learning Sessions

The WWF Forest and Climate Programme's online Learning Sessions are free and designed to leverage and share REDD+ knowledge and expertise. Every month, we invite a REDD+ expert to present a webinar on a key issue, so that REDD+ practitioners around the globe can have access to the latest information related to REDD+. These presentations are then archived and available as videos for easy viewing.
Visit our Learning Session page to view archived Learning Sessions or register for an upcoming webinar.
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Local community members in Mai-Ndombe, DRC receive computer training on MRV.
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REDD+ Inspiring Practices

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WWF staff work alongside government experts to carry out MRV in DRC.
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WWF's REDD+ Inspiring Practices capture the valuable knowledge and experiences from our REDD+ efforts than can help us improve, replicate and scale up our work. Developing each is a participatory process, often involving several people involved in the work. They are a tool that can help realize a REDD+ mechanism that successfully benefits people and nature.

Learn more about Inspiring Practices.

View and Download Inspiring Practices

Learning Videos

These social documentary videos use the power of stakeholder testimony to communicate key REDD+ issues. In each, different views and perspectives are presented, giving the viewer insight into each. Through these videos, REDD+ practitioners can gain knowledge and understanding to further their work.

Video: Engaging forest stewards in REDD+ dialogues 

This new learning video produced by WWF's Forest and Climate Programme explores engaging with indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) on REDD+. It includes interviews with REDD+ practitioners from a variety of organizations, offering a range of perspectives and views on the challenges and success of engaging on REDD+ with IPLCs, making it a valuable resource for REDD+ project managers and decision makers around the world. 
WWF's Conservation and Livelihoods program (WWF-US) contributed to the development and production of this video.
Most of the people featured in the video participated in the REDD+ Based Approaches to Human Rights workshop organized by the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights in Lima, Peru, January 2012.

Engaging Forest Stewards in REDD+ Dialogues

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Learning Guide & Toolkit

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Forest and Climate Initiative -- Learning Manual
From the Tree of Practices to the Forest of Knowledge: A guide to identifying, capturing, sharing and communicating REDD+ Inspiring Practices
This guide is designed to provide REDD+ practitioners with the understanding and skills to identify, capture and share lessons learned that promote successful REDD+ initiatives. This is done through the process of collective knowledge building—learning by identifying and sharing experiences together with others. This guide also helps REDD+ practitioners to recognize and reflect on lessons learned—an important step in the learning process.
Part One of this guide outlines the model and steps to identify, collect, organize and share REDD+ practices and lessons learned. It provides clear, short definitions of main concepts, guidance and tools.

Part Two of this guide is a hands-on “toolbox” that provides detailed methods and activities for you and your team to use in reflecting on your REDD+ work and in identifying lessons learned. Each of the 15 “tools” includes guidance on the goals, process and participant roles for each activity.

The tools are both part of the manual, and available as individual PDFs, allowing them to be printed for easy use.

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