REDD+ Inspiring Practice: Strengthening Land Tenure through Participatory Land-use Mapping in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Posted on 04 December 2013    
Local tribal chief in Mai Ndombe region of DRC with land-use map produced with WWF support.
© Julie Pudlowski/WWF
WWF's REDD+ Inspiring Practices are designed to share REDD+ lessons learned, so that they may be replicated or adapted as appropriate by others for their own REDD+ related work.

This REDD+ Inspiring Practice focuses on participatory land-use mapping and land-use planning being carried out with communities from customary areas, known locally as terroirs, in the Lac Tumba region of the DRC (Bandundu and Equateur provinces). The process was designed to recognize and respect the community visions and priorities for management and use of village land and natural resources. Through this work, local communities gained knowledge of the policy, legal and contractual issues that may affect land use and local rights, and the capacity to fully participate in land-use decision-making processes.

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