Paraguay presents its first countrywide forest carbon map

Posted on 04 April 2014    
Forest in Paraguay
© Fernando Allen
WWF-Paraguay, along with support from Japan Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI), has recently concluded work on the first-ever forest cover and forest carbon maps for the country. These maps represent a milestone toward the development of the MRV system and reference levels by providing accurate estimation (tier 2 level) of carbon density for forests in the Atlantic and Chaco regions. WWF-Paraguay has also developed a forest cover map with high-resolution satellite images from Landsat and ALOS satellites. This work was completed in close collaboration with the Forestry Department (CIF) of the Agrarian Science Faculty of the National University of Asuncion, the Environmental Secretariat (SEAM) and the National Forestry Institute (INFONA) and will help move REDD+ work ahead in the country.  

(Reporting by Stefan Knapps of WWF-Paraguay)

Forest in Paraguay
© Fernando Allen Enlarge

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