Forest Climate Activities and Projects

WWF is working with forest countries and on the ground with local communities to build capacity and ensure programmes, standards, approaches and technologies for REDD+ produce real and verifiable emissions reductions while benefiting biodiversity and people's well-being. 

WWF is initiating forest climate demonstration activities in high biodiversity landscapes in the world’s key forest landscapes, including the Amazon, Borneo and Congo Basin, by working at scale with local communities and governments to test approaches for getting REDD+ right.
Saul Rojas Hota, the oldest resident of New York, sitting next to Sebastian Suito of WWF. New York ... / ©: Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF
Saul Rojas Hota, the oldest resident of New York, sitting next to Sebastian Suito of WWF. New York is a river community alongside the banks of the river Tiger, a tributary of the Amazon river, Loreto region, Peru.
© Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF

Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities & REDD+

The emergence of REDD+ has generated great interest as a possible means of increasing support for the forest stewardship activities of indigenous peoples and local communities. If done well, REDD+ initiatives could strengthen community land and resource rights, empower community institutions and increase income through benefit sharing. Yet, REDD+ has also sparked concerns about possible adverse impacts on indigenous and community rights and livelihoods, such as restrictions on land and resource rights, increased centralization of forest management and inequitable benefit-sharing.

WWF believes that REDD+ is a key to effective climate change mitigation but needs to integrate strong social and environmental safeguards. WWF’s Guiding Principles for REDD+ emphasize respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and contributions to community livelihoods. Effective REDD+ programmes must ensure that risks are reduced and incentives for community stewardship are strengthened. 

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