Smarter Energy

Pollution from coal, gas and oil can cause great risk to our health, nature and climate. To protect the environment and our future, we need to think about smarter ways to use and conserve energy.
Solar power plant, Mojave Desert, USA.

Making the switch

To become more energy efficient, we need to move away from our current reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable, cleaner energy sources.
Such renewable energies include: hydro, solar and wind power as well as biomass and geothermal energy.

WWF is working to mainstream these efficient, affordable and reliable energies that support economic development and sustainable lifestyles.

Making smart decisions

Although largely neglected, the easiest and cheapest way to reduce energy consumption is by improving efficiency at home and in the office, such as by:

Energy from fossil fuels must be left behind. The world needs to think about smart energy for people and nature to live in harmony.

Greg Bourne, WWF-Australia

Climate Solutions

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Climate Solutions: WWF’s Vision for 2050 shows that the world has more than enough sustainable energy and technology to curb climate change.
A WWF report show that the world has more than enough sustainable energy and technology to curb climate change.
Climate Solutions: WWF’s Vision for 2050 identifies several key solutions to meet global energy demand without damaging the global climate:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Accelerating the development of low-emissions technologies
  • Replacing high-carbon coal with low-carbon gas
  • Equipping fossil fuel plants with carbon capture and storage technology

WWF 2020 Goals

    • Remove inefficient products from the market
    • Reduce the energy consumption of at least 10 products in key economies by at least 35%
    • Encourage energy-efficient building construction and zero-carbon practices in identified key areas

Home Energy Tips

    • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use
    • Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient flourescent bulbs
    • Choose the best energy-saving models when replacing windows
    • Reduce thermostat by 1°C to save on electricity bills
    • Use rechargeable batteries

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