The Energy Debate

The world needs to address a number of crunch issues or challenges in that transition - Governments, businesses, communities and individuals – will have to collectively address:

  • Energy conservation
    How can we do more while using less energy?
  • Electrification
    Renewable sources could provide unlimited power, but how do we switch onto them?
  • Equity
    Everyone has the right to energy. So how will this happen?
  • Land use
    We need land to meet our energy needs. What can we do to limit the impact on people and nature?
  • Lifestyle 
    How do the choices we make in our own lives affect energy supplies?
  • Finance
    Renewable energy makes long-term economic sense, but how do we raise the capital needed and allow for longer-term Return on Investments?
  • Innovation
    What advances are required to make the 100% renewable energy vision a reality?
The Energy Report is not a prescription, it is a vision.
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Building a better tomorrow – based on renewable energy - starts today.

We must revolutionise the way we build and renovate our houses in order to stop the massive waste of energy, as stressed by The Energy Report.

We can create green jobs, improve our energy security and the quality of life for millions of people – what are we waiting for?

Eelco van Heel

Eelco van Heel is Group President and Chief Executive Officer of Rockwool International. He has been with the Rockwool Group and has held different management positions for more than 20 years, the last 7 years as CEO.
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