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WWF is working with visionary “Clean Energy Ambassadors” to help promote the critical messaging in its flagship publication – The Energy Report.
The “Clean Energy Ambassadors” initiative was launched following the release of The Energy Report, a detailed analysis of how the world could move from fossil fuel dependence to full reliance on more secure and more economic renewable energy sources over the next four decades.

As industry leaders and visionaries themselves, the Clean Energy Ambassadors provide an authoritative and knowledgeable voice in the push for a global transition to renewable energy sources.

A number of key businesses - including corporate leaders from the energy sector and energy-intense businesses and industries; energy ministers; renowned energy experts and scientists; representatives of global institutions; WWF Climate Savers companies; and energy industry investors and opinion leaders - have already joined the initiative, or expressed a keen interest in its endeavour, and underlined the significance of both the report and WWF’s Clean Energy Ambassadors initiative.

Bold and inspiring

“WWF’s Energy Vision is both bold and inspiring, prescribing aggressive energy saving next to an accelerated transition to renewable energy. At Alpro, we contribute to this vision mainly by promoting resource-efficient plant-based foods, still leaving available land for species and ecosystems, while ensuring food security and other needs in natural resources from humanity.”
Bernard Deryckere,
CEO, Alpro

“At the heart of Ecofys’ mission is the deep-rooted belief that the world can fulfill its ever-increasing needs for energy from renewable sources. The Energy Report asks the question: is such a system possible by 2050? Our conclusion is not only that it is possible, but mostly that it must become a reality.
The Ecofys Energy Scenario shows what it will take to transition towards an efficient, sustainable and affordable energy system.
We are very proud to be able to contribute to this.”
Manon Janssen
CEO, Ecofys

“The earth and our society are challenging us to come up with clean and smart solutions for the availability of energy for the next generations. For this reason Eneco is committed to the ambition: sustainable energy for everyone. The WWF Energy Report shows that realizing this ambition is within reach: now is the time to act.”
Jeroen de Haas
Chairman of the Board of Management, Eneco Holding N.V.

“This report describes an ambitious but achievable vision. The report both shows us the way, and lays out the choices that we have to make as societies, and the policy and investment areas we need to tackle with priority. I am confident that we’ll make the right choices, and that solar energy will play an important role in that clean energy future that we all desire. We can’t get there overnight, and will need to use bridging technologies to map out a transition to a world 100% powered by clean, sustainable energy. We thank WWF for this report which we welcome as a useful tool to catalyze the debate among key decision makers.”
Bruce Sohn
President, First Solar

“There is no question if the world is going to transition to renewable energy, the question is the pace in which it occurs. This is highly dependent on strong leadership of decision-makers in the public and private sector. The WWF Energy Report provides tangible guidelines on how to achieve a 100% renewable energy future and a perspective for businesses to develop towards a sustainable economy. It’s another proof that action is needed and that current sustainability leaders are future winners”.
Yvo de Boer
Special Advisor on climate change and sustainability, KPMG Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services

“The Polish government does not create sufficient incentives to exploit viable renewable energy sources and seem to ignore the fact that technology development will significantly increase the potential in the next 20-30 years. I really hope that this crucial report will inspire our decision makers to more effective action. “
Dr Aleksander D. Panek
President, National Energy Conservation Agency - Poland

“Building a better tomorrow – based on renewable energy - starts today. We must revolutionise the way we build and renovate our houses in order to stop the massive waste of energy, as stressed by The Energy Report. We can create green jobs, improve our energy security and the quality of life for millions of people – what are we waiting for?”
Eelco van Heel
CEO, Rockwool International

“Vestas has a vision of bringing wind energy on par with oil and gas and by doing so we will be taking a big step towards a global renewable energy future. As a scalable, financially viable renewable energy source, Vestas hopes to see wind pave the way for other emerging and complementary renewable energy technologies.

While the road to achieving the vision of a 100 per cent renewable energy world will be challenging and requires commitment and persistence, we believe in the principle of setting ambitious targets, and are committed to doing our part to making the world more renewable - through wind. Vestas has been relentlessly committed to wind for more than 25 years.”
Ditlev Engel
President and CEO, Vestas

The Energy Report is an ambitious but achievable vision that outlines the key changes required to achieve a fully clean energy future and avoid catastrophic climate change.

The Clean Energy Ambassadors will be real allies in helping bring to the table the key questions to be addressed and the key decisions that will need to be taken.

What it Entails

WWF Clean Energy Ambassadors are partners in promoting solutions to the world’s most critical energy issues and challenges – as proposed by WWF in The Energy Report. Clean Energy Ambassadors will help WWF to mobilize energy policy experts, investors, and business leaders – especially in the power sector – regarding the need for policy change, business model shifts, and investment opportunities.

As an initial step, we ask potential Clean Energy Ambassadors to confirm that they would like to become a WWF Clean Energy Ambassador in 2011, and that they agree with the conditions herein.

Once confirmed, WWF Clean Energy Ambassadors will work with WWF to present and promote the key messages of The Energy Report throughout 2011.

  • Energy ministers may introduce the report’s key messages in meetings with fellow ministers or Members of Parliament
  • CEOs of renewable energy companies may present the messages on their websites and in their conference speeches
  • CEOs of key businesses may challenge their peers in various fora and discussions
  • Energy scientists may write about the report in scientific publications
  • Influential commentators may choose to use the messages in their blogs
  • Renowned journalists may write editorials on the topic

Interested? Then contact:

Jean-Philippe Denruyter

Energy Specialist/ Project Coordinator

WWF Greater Mekong,

+32 27400927

Stephan Singer

Head European Climate and Energy Policy Unit

WWF European Policy Office,

+32 2 743 88 17

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