Shifting the energy paradigm

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Four fifth of the CO2 emissions that keep heating up our planet come from burning fossil fuels. This needs to change rapidly if we want to keep global warming beyond a critical danger zone.

That means that we need to change the way how people on this planet supply themselves with energy.

We need to switch from dirty – coal – energy to clean sources in a high-efficiency world.

This requires more than just a technology change:

  • The world will spend US$16 trillion on energy infrastructure between 2001 and 2030. This money must fuel the transition to a clean and efficient energy economy.
  • Governments need to set clear, manageable but ambitious legal frameworks.
  • They also need to redirect the US$ 150 billion of annual subsidies away from fossil fuels towards supporting the switch to an efficient and clean system.
  • Power production will be based on a multitude of energy sources, coming partly from bigger power stations but much also from a score of small scale producers.
  • The new system will be based on the best efficiency levels possible.
  • Many industries can combine power and heat production in highly efficient installations.
  • Private and office buildings will use their huge potential for energy efficiency and for producing clean energy right on site.
  • Clean energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermics are the call of the future.
  • Transport will become highly energy efficient, and over time use hydrogen or other clean fuels that are produced from clean sources.
  • Costly and dangerous technologies such as nuclear will become obsolete.

Source: IEA Energy Investment Outlook 2004
	© Adam Oswell / WWF
From coal to clean. Wind and solar power generation provides a clean alternative for future generations. Sydney, Australia.
© Adam Oswell / WWF

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