Combating climate change through energy efficiency

Addressing climate change through energy efficiency has huge potential. The power sector is responsible for 37% of the CO2 emissions worldwide. For appliances, electronics, and lighting, the energy efficiency savings potential is roughly 50 per cent.

Consumers have many things to take into consideration when purchasing  new appliances. Whilst it is relatively easy to compare, say, price or features of a product, it is more difficult to source reliable and objective information on the energy efficiency of a particular appliance.

WWF is cooperating with the global Topten network, which provides an online search tool to identify which appliances are the most energy efficient. You can compare the products and their energy efficiency: washing machines, fridges and freezers, TV sets, computers, cars are all listed. Independent verifiers guarantee objective comparisons, but also ensure that brand names are familiar to shoppers in each country.  

Topten is a tool for consumers, manufacturers, retailers, large buyers, and policy makers to make a smart choice when buying new products. It is a neutral, transparent selection, and evaluation based on impartial testing and analysis. 

Around two billion people worldwide currently have access to this information through Topten national websites.

The Energy Report, published by WWF in 2011 states: “Electricity is the energy choice for the future, but efficiency in its use is a central condition.”

	© Topten
The Euro-Topten Plus project is supported by the Intelligent Europe Energy Programme of the European Commission.
© Topten

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Also read the Topten Annual Report 2014 and The Energy Report published by WWF in 2011.

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