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The earth’s climate is undergoing rapid, life-altering changes. But real help is already on the way.
WWF is working to support the development and deployment of new energy technologies. These transformative solutions have great potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to increase energy access around the world.

Climate Solver

WWF developed to raise awareness for essential technologies, and to communicate the value of innovation as an immediate and practical solution to climate change. Our climate innovations platform introduces you to some of the entrepreneurs and technologies that give us hope for the future right now, right here.

To bring their innovations to life, climate entrepreneurs need continued support in terms of proactive, ambitious policies. They also need investors and corporates willing to take risks on technologies that can have a positive impact on our environment.

WWF Climate Solver China Award Ceremony, Beijing 2012

Facilitating Faster Deployment

A lack of technologies or ideas isn’t the problem. But there are numerous obstacles and insufficient support for these transformative solutions that prevent them from achieving their potential, while depriving us of the possibility to dramatically reduce our emissions. WWF’s objective is to identify these obstacles so that key stakeholders tocan help to eliminate them. An indicative ranking of different countries strengths, weaknesses and obstacles in 38 countries (incl all G20 countries) is done through the Global Cleantech Innovation Index.
So whether you’re a city planner eager to explore new solutions to urban infrastructure, an investor with an eye towards clean technologies or a business leader looking at new business models or to increase the energy efficiency of your operations, we welcome you to join us in building an exciting, low carbon future!  
Be a part of the solution!

More WWF Climate Innovation

Coming Clean –  The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014 investigates the countries where entrepreneurial clean technology companies are likely to emerge in the future.

Clean Economy, Living Planet - Global Cleantech Manufacturing Index 2012

Financial Vehicles  – discussion of the challenges and opportunities for financing climate innovations.

Enabling the Transition – compilation of nine climate innovation system assessments in key countries/regions.

Green Game Changers –  report on the opportunities and necessities for corporates to engage proactively in disrupting the way unsustainable products are delivered by adopting new practices.  

Climate Savers – exploring corporate innovation in pursuit of climate positive opportunities.

Get inspired by climate innovations awarded for their potential to reduce carbon emissions and increase access to renewable energy. Visit Innovations page at

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Senior Adviser Climate Innovation

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