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Walking for Parisians and the climate

Posted on 25 November 2015    
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Following the tragic attacks in Paris on November 13, French authorities decided not to allow outside marches and demonstrations in France around the COP21 Climate Summit. Meanwhile, mobilization for our climate is growing all around the world. On 28 and 29 November, hundreds of thousands of people will join scores of marches across the globe.

For people who won’t be able to make their voices heard in France or in other countries, FNE, Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Greenpeace and WWF have launched www.march4me.org -- a special digital device to connect them with people who will march for the climate. Marchers from all around the world are ready to carry the message on their behalf.

"A strong civil society voice is critical to influence the negotiating process and amplify urgency for climate action," said Pierre Cannet, WWF-France Head of Climate, Energy and Infrastructure. "There is no noise as powerful as the sound of the marching feet of determined people. If we want to make this noise heard in Paris for COP21 and with marches canceled in France, we will then need solidarity from citizens all around the world to echo our asks. Thanks to the website www.march4me.org, French voices will be connected to marching feet in other countries to amplify the noise for climate."

French celebrities like Mélanie Laurent, Thomas Dutronc as well as French NGO leaders Isabelle Autissier and Nicolas Hulot recorded a video message to promote March4Me and ask citizens to march for them in other countries.

Google France supports March4Me by promoting it on its digital channels (YouTube, Google +).

How does it work?

March4me: a walker in France not able to march can register and download a picture and indicate their first name, first letter of their surname and country of origin.

IMarch4U: worldwilde citizens can represent a marcher from Paris in one of the 57 walks organized around the world. The person who will march will have to subscribe the same way: name, surname first letter and country.

#IMarch4U and #March4me to take over and follow the operation.

The match between these two people will be made randomly. They will be able to communicate via the website. These pairs will then be uploaded on the website gallery. If a marcher can’t find someone who can march in their place, they can also share their will to march on social networks to find a match.

On march day, the people walking are invited to print #IMarch4U adding the name of the person they represent (a kit is available on www.march4me.org).

In addition to March4me, from now and by the end of the COP, citizens are called to wear and to promote a green heart to symbolize their commitment to the climate.

With the support of :

A Rocha - Action contre la faim - Agir pour l’environnement  - Bloom Care - CLER - réseau pour la t ransition énergétique - Coordination eau Ile de France - Ddoogle - Effet de serre toi-même ! - Etudiants Pacifistes Internationaux - Fondation France Libertés - G200 assemblées citoyennes mondiales - Humanité et biodiversité - Mouvement pour une alternative non-violente - Oxfam - Scouts Guides de France - Solidarité étudiante - Varec’h - Women in action
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