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Multinational companies meet for climate action

Posted on 04 May 2015    
Climate Savers is a climate leadership programme that seeks to transform businesses into leaders of the low-carbon economy.
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In 13 years, companies in WWF's global Climate Savers programme have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 100 million tons – almost double Sweden's total annual emissions. Volvo Group, SKF and many other international companies are meeting in Gothenburg to drive the development of business action on climate change.

At a conference on May 5-7, around 30 global companies will meet to take the next steps in their work towards a low-carbon economy.

“The shift to a climate-friendly economy will require major changes. As participants of the Climate Savers programme, we want to show leadership to our industry, customers and society at large,” says Niklas Gustavsson, Volvo Group's Chief Sustainability Officer, and the person responsible for the company's involvement in the WWF Climate Savers programme.

The Gothenburg meeting focuses on how business can play a leading role in global climate negotiations (COP21) to be held in Paris this December.

“Climate Savers can inspire politicians and business to take ambitious climate efforts. We expect that industry representatives play an active role for the autumn climate talks in Paris,” says Håkan Wirtén, Secretary General of WWF Sweden.

Sweden is one of ten countries with the largest ecological footprint per capita. This means that changes and interventions from Swedish companies can have a major impact. If all other companies around the world of the same size and in the same industries would follow the Climate Savers companies' example, carbon dioxide emissions would be about 1 gigatonnes (billion tonnes) lower in 2020. This represents 10 percent of the "emission-gap" that must be addressed voluntary (beside countries' commitments) for the world to stay below two degrees of warming, or the emissions of more than 2.3 billion barrels of oil.

“With our product portfolio BeyondZero, we run the development of climate-smart solutions on a broad front. Our customers' technology is found in so many different parts of society. Today we have 56 innovations applied in everything from energy efficient cars, trucks, trains, and paper and pulp mills, to wave power, wind power and solar power. Sales of these types of products are increasing dramatically, while we reduce our total energy consumption. The business sector has a key role in the economic shift and our work is an example of this,” says Rob Jenkinson, SKF Group sustainability manager.
Facts about the conference:
The conference is open on 5 May to all interested businesses. On 6-7 May, Climate Savers companies will partake in workshops to discuss how they can improve their sustainability strategies and work in accordance with the 2-degree target. Speakers include, Niklas Gustavsson, Chief Sustainability Officer of the Volvo Group, Rob Jenkinson, sustainability manager at SKF Group, Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, and Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA.

Media are welcome to attend on Tuesday, May 5. A press conference will be held on Thursday, May 7 at 13:00 with WWF and Climate Savers companies.

Register: Marie von Zeipel, Press Officer, WWF, 070-629 10 77
Location: Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmens Pir 5, Gothenburg
For more information, contact:
Stefan Henningsson, climate expert, WWF, 070-579 92 91
Niklas Gustavsson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group, 031-661025
Rob Jenkinson, Head of Corporate Sustainability at SKF, mobile 0725-776 576
Marie von Zeipel, Press Officer, WWF, mobile 070-629 10 77
Facts about the Climate Savers:
Climate Savers is WWF's global climate program to engage the business community in the transition to a climate-friendly economy. Today, 29 international companies are part of the programme. Read more at:
Climate Savers is a climate leadership programme that seeks to transform businesses into leaders of the low-carbon economy.
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