Waste & Sinks

Waste & Sinks

Waste & Sinks

Given that we have one interconnected planet, we cannot throw stuff away and forget it. It is still there, and can come back in our air, our water, and our food. Expanding the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle should include another ’r’ – repair, while sinks must be properly maintained as the part of our environment that can uptake some waste and pollutants.

On 1 planet, wastes are recycled
Waste management is a city’s need to deal with its waste in a sustainable way. Reducing flows to minimize waste is a key strategy. Caring for sinks and not overloading them is also vital. Another approach is converting sinks into sources. Waste is increasingly used by cities as a resource, delivering biogas, district heating, compost, fertilizer, irrigation, and recycled goods. Leading closed-loop solutions include: using wastes for energy, wetlands to provide food, and recycling centres to provide economic and social benefits. Some cities are now moving closer to the goal of zero waste.



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