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Be an active stakeholder

Your questions and comments are vital. Please contact us and let us know what you think. Ask tough questions and share your knowledge. Are there updates to make or new learning cases to publish? Learning is a shared process!

WWF hopes that these learning cases will support you in becoming a more active stakeholder in your own contexts. One way of doing this is by sharing cases with others via social media, study groups, word of mouth, or other means. Contact decision-makers to tell them what you think are key learnings for the sustainable development of your own city.

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Get your cities learning!

Email decision-makers in your city:

Dear mayor, representative, CEO, teacher…

Please read this learning case by WWF about how cities can solve urgent sustainability problems like ………….

(Find your own example among
the 100 learning cases)

This shows how cities contribute to environment and sustainable development, making major improvements and gains not only in ecological, but also in social, cultural, and economic terms. What can we learn from this?

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