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100+ cases

The urban solutions inventory contains over 100 learning cases from across the world.

Abbotsford wetlands 
Adelaide Christie Walk
Adelaide green city
Amsterdam cycling
Amsterdam Smart city
Auckland urban greening
Austin smart grid
Baoding clean-tech hub
Baoding and Shanghai low carbon
Barcelona market gardens
Barcelona solar energy
Belo Horizonte food (New 2015)
Belo Horizonte sustainability
Berlin biodiversity
Berlin retrofits
Bogotá BRT pioneer
Brisbane urban mangroves
Bristol fair trade
Britain gardens
Brussels Capital Region housing
Calgary Dollars
Calgary Ecological footprint
California Arizona xeriscaping
Canberra urban greening
Cape Town climate plan
Cape Town Earth Hour Capital
Cape Town solar heaters
Cardiff ecological footprint
Chengdu river cleanups
Chicago green roofs
Chicago sustainable city
Combiatore solar city
Copenhagen transport
Copenhagen wind energy
Copenhagen climate plan
Córdoba energy efficiency (New 2015)
Curitiba waste as resource
Delhi air quality
Delhi governance
Denmark waste to energy
Edmonton green planning
Evanston energy (New 2015)
Forli sustainability
Freiburg green city
Freiburg Solar Region
Gainesville feed-in tariffs
Ghent meat-free Thursdays
Gothenburg consumption (New 2015)
Guangzhou bus rapid transit
Guangzhou Jinshan
Hanoi aquaculture
Hat Yai resilience (New 2015)
Havana urban farming
Houston building retrofits
Hyderabad wastewater irrigation
Jakarta transport (New 2015)
Kalundborg industrial sympiosis
Karlstad Tuggelite eco-village
Lahti energy (New 2015)
Lappeenranta green city
London congestion charges
Los Angeles street lights
Lubumbashi urban farming 
Malmö Augustenborg
Malmö Bo01
Malmö food
Manchester ICT pioneer
Masdar eco-city
Mata de Sesimbra eco-tourism
Melbourne urban biosphere
Merton London climate rule
Mexico City transport
Mexico city water forest
Milwaukee food security
Monteria motorbikes (New 2015)
Montería sustainable growth
Moshi water security (New 2015)
Muangklang low carbon city
Münster bicycle capital
Nairobi sanitation
New Orleans wetlands
New York greening
New York water
Oslo EV-city
Oslo governance
Paris transport (New 2015)
Paris Vélib' bike-sharing
Perth rapid electric rail
Petaling Jaya consumption (New 2015)
Portland transit development
Puebla energy efficiency (New 2015)
Reykjavik geothermal energy
Rizhao solar water heating
Ruhr region renaturalization
San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco farmers markets
San Francisco governance
San Francisco zero waste
San José solar power
Saxony recycling
Seattle energy efficient buildings
Semarang climate adaptation
Sendai public purchasing
Seoul Cheonggyecheon river
Seoul Earth Hour Capital (New 2015)
Seoul Sunlight City
Shanghai urban farming
Singapore energy (New 2015)
Singapore water management
Sonoma One Planet County
Stockholm climate plan
Stockholm Järva
Stockholm National City Park
Stockholm wastewater
Stuttgart green corridors
Sutton BedZED
Sutton One Planet Living
Sønderborg carbon neutrality
Thane solar city (New 2015)
Tianjin, Dongtan, Caofeidian
Tokyo Eco Points
Toronto air quality
Toronto transition
Tshwane waste to energy (New 2015)
UN resilience
Uppsala climate cooperation
Vancouver greenest city
Vancouver district energy (New 2015)
Vancouver transport
Wellington smart growth
Vienna green planning
Vitoria-Gasteiz greening
Vorarlberg passive housing
Växjö local energy
Växjö networking
Zürich sustainable transport
Örebro brownfield remediation

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