Earlier Challenges

The Earth Hour City Challenge aims to move participating cities from simple manifestation to real commitments for change on the ground. The concept was tested for the first time in Sweden 2010-2011, where cities were challenged to present inspiring and credible plans for reducing their carbon footprints to zero within the next few decades, and for positively impacting the world with their solutions.
30 cities registered and applications were then evaluated by an international jury of experts. The city with the most inspiring and credible development plan was later declared “Earth Hour Capital 2011”. Honorary awards were also given to two municipalities for innovative approaches to promote sustainable lifestyles and ambitious objectives regarding municipal meat consumption and food waste.

Based on the successful pilot and the enthusiastic feedback from around the world, the concept has been rolled-out globally in collaboration with external partners. In 2012, as a first international pilot, cities from Canada, India, Italy, Sweden, Norway and USA were invited to take the Challenge. 

The Global Earth Hour Capital 2013, as well as six national capitals and the People’s Choice Award were presented at the Earth Hour City Challenge and Award Ceremony in Malmö, Sweden on March 19, 2013. A number of impressive initiatives were highlighted in profiles of country finalists in a People’s Choice campaign where people around the world were invited to vote for their favorite among these cities.

 / ©: WWF Sweden
The Swedish King Carl Gustav XVI congratulates Ilmar Reepalu, Mayor of Malmö, the first city awarded Earth Hour Capital in 2011.
© WWF Sweden
 / ©: WWF
Filmclips illustrating positive examples from finalist cities in the Swedish Challenge 2011

 / ©: City of Malmö
City of Malmö – winner of Earth Hour City Challenge 2012
© City of Malmö
 / ©: WWF


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