Evaluation Criteria

An international jury of experts will be looking for cities that have already recognized the climate challenge, and begun to measure and report their emissions. Awarded cities will also show a commitment to innovative, ambitious and participation based initiatives that bring the city closer to a 100% renewable and sustainable future. How cities are advancing the low carbon agenda at pace, and demonstrating a clear, strategic connection between actions and targets will be critical factors in the evaluation process.

In order to level the playing field between cities with very varying starting points, the panel will take into account differences in resources related to level of ambition. The Earth Hour City Challenge is not about rewarding cities for the most impressive, hi-tech plans, but about commitment and innovative thinking that promotes attractive, one-planet lifestyles.
 / ©: Stonehousephotographic
© Stonehousephotographic
We love cities
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We Love Cities invites people all over the world to show their support for the impressive efforts finalist cities of the Earth Hour City Challenge are making towards sustainability. Beginning 26 January 2015, you will be invited to vote for your favorites, share what you love about them via photos and videos and submit suggestions for how cities can become more sustainable.
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