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EHCC award 2015 Seoul rel=
EHCC award 2015 Seoul
© City of Seoul

Will your city be the next Earth Hour Capital?

With more than 70% of the world’s CO2 emissions generated by residents in cities, the Earth Hour City Challenge has been created to mobilize action and support from cities in the global transition towards a climate friendly one-planet future. The challenge invites cities to report ambitious commitments and big win climate actions, in terms of GHG reductions as well as the co-benefits they provide in relation to food, water and energy security challenges. Welcome to Earth Hour City Challenge 2016!

The Earth Hour City Challenge initiative has been created to celebrate cities that are taking amazing steps forward in creating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in, while inspiring other cities to do the same.

Award produced by Torstensson Art & Design / ©: Torstensson Art & Design
Award produced by Torstensson Art & Design for EHCC award ceremony Seoul, 2015
© Torstensson Art & Design
The award presented to Seoul was designed to align with the sustainability theme of the Earth Hour City Challenge. The prize was created and produced by Torstensson Art & Design, and is entitled Reflection, which conveys the idea that the work the winning city is doing should be reflected out into the world as a source of inspiration to other cities. The prize is made of recycled float-glass, recycled steel and a wood fiberboard in a workshop powered by electricity from renewables.

Christiana Figueres, member of the international jury for the WWF Earth Hour City Challenge, recognized the participation of all cities involved in the challenge at the Award ceremony 2013. City-level response is integral in the fight against climate change and cities that engaged in the Earth Hour City Challenge are leading the way in policy implementation.


  • Barbara Evaeus

    Manager Climate Communications

    WWF Sweden

    +46 8 624 7448

  • Carina Borgstrom Hansson,PhD

    Lead for Earth Hour City Challenge


    +46 708 855 185

How the challenge works

Cities are invited to report relevant data, plans and actions via an internationally recognized carbon reporting platform for cities, Carbonn Climate Registry, cCR, managed by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Outreach and support to cities is provided in collaboration with ICLEI and the final plans and data reviewed by an international jury. Reporting on the platform closes on November 13.

The international jury review development plans for building, transport, energy and food systems – solutions that will make a city greener and cleaner and improve living standards for residents. 
  • Hybrid car with wind turbine / ©: Istockphoto.com / WWF-Canada
    Hybrid car with wind turbine in the background against a blue sky

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