Hidden soy on supermarket shelves masks assault on nature

Posted on 14 January 2014
The Growth of Soy: Impacts & Solutions
The Growth of Soy: Impacts and Solutions, presents an overview of the soy industry and the issues around it. We outline the uses of soy, chart its extraordinary rate of growth, and present the data on where soy is produced and consumed. We explore those regions most at risk from the expansion of soy production, as well as discuss its other environmental and social impacts. Finally, and most crucially, we look at some possible solutions for reducing soy’s footprint – and what you can do to help.

WWF believes that it is possible to produce soy without destroying forests and other important ecosystems. But this will require a concerted effort from many quarters: all along the soy value chain from producers to feed companies to manufacturers to retailers; from policymakers to financers to consumers.

The Growth of Soy: Impacts & Solutions
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