Maps show the way for responsible soy plantation expansion

Posted on 21 June 2013  | 
At the 8th annual conference of the RTRS (Roundtable on Responsible Soy) in Beijing last month, the RTRS presented the results of a mapping project which has already mapped around 620 million hectares of two of the most ecologically significant Brazilian biomes - the Amazon and the Cerrado – and has categorized them in a way that will guide the future of responsible expansion of soy plantations.

The project, which is supported by WWF-Brazil, and is co-funded by IFC and IDH (Dutch Initiative for Sustainable Trade), is a multi-stakeholder one that aims to create soy plantation development with no negative impact on high biodiversity ecosystems and areas of high social and environmental conservation value (HCV). It produces maps of Brazil that addresses the suitability of soy plantations on a broad landscape scale.

The project has also created guidelines to assist companies in undertaking HCV assessments at the FARM level. The end result is maps that have been endorsed by both industry and NGOs that give guidance to responsible land use. The project has already inspired a similar mapping process in Paraguay, with future plans to expand to both Argentina and Bolivia.

FACTSHEET: RTRS Mapping Project: Rethinking soy expansion in Brazil through cooperation 

Maps show the way for responsible soy plantation expansion
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